Restyling for Entijs Robotics

Restyling for Entijs Robotics

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About the client

Entijs is a Canadian technology and robotics company. They develop and manufacture environmentally friendly solutions for everyday problems. With the goal to help make everyday life better, safer, and more convenient they innovate on the tools we use the most throughout the day – toilets, doors, windows, and much more.


To solve current issues with the readability, contrast, usability, as well as to simplify, create a brand system, and liven it up.


We’ve redesigned the logo, fixed all the issues, and created a modern, beautiful brand identity that fits the company, the industry and communicates with the target audience.

The result is a complete brand system that serves as a foundation for all of the future marketing and advertising efforts.

The vibrant colours together with the black gradients create a futuristic feel and create a unique atmosphere and trust around the brand.

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