41% Cart recovery for Diso Nutrimun

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The problem

64% of people who add the product to their carts don’t check out on Diso Nutrimun’s website. It is a common issue e-commerce sites have. The term is abandoned carts.

The objective

To decrease the number of abandoned carts on the Diso Nutrimun’s e-commerce website.

The solution

We reworked the checkout page to save data in real time, connected it to an automated email series and implemented retargeting.

This brings the customers back to the checkout page with all the information they filled in before.

The result

41% of all abandoned carts are recovered, which is equal to a 27% increase in total completed checkouts.

How it works?

  • 01. Begin checkout

    User fills in the form with their contact information.

  • 02. Save data

    The system saves the data, creates 3 emails and adds it to queue.

  • 03. Abandoned cart

    If the user doesn’t finish the check out process (got distracted, decided to do it later, etc.), the email series will begin.

  • 04. Cart recovery

    01. The users will get an email reminder that they haven’t finished the checkout.

    02. If they didn’t purchase again, they will receive another one asking if there were any technical issues and that they want to speak with a manager.

    03. If there was no action again, they will receive a final email offering a discount.

    04. If the users ignore the emails, a retargeting campaign will begin on Facebook, Instagram and VK.

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