Complex Branding for Kefir Lab

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About the client

Kefir Lab is a San Francisco based company that produces high quality probiotic yogurts. With a huge passion for health, science, and flavour the team create uniquely dilicious products.

They are helping entrepreneurs and the startup community stay healthy, keep the immune system and digestion up.


To create an energetic, positive and somewhat playful atmosphere around the brand and attract the right target audience.


We’ve created a brand that stands out online and on the shelves. With bright and energetic colors, the branding attracts attention and creates a positive engaging feel.

This simple, yet thought-out brand system solves a lot of current issues and serves a solid foundation for all future marketing and advertising needs.

Now kefir lab can properly communicate and attract the target audiences, evoke positive emotions, and create a unique engaging atmosphere around it.

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