Restyling & UiKit for Eatonomy App

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About the client

Eatonomy is an app that lets users buy from local restaurants and stores for less.

Everyday, restaurants and grocery stores throw away perfectly good food. This results in food waste that is estimated to be 30 billion dollars in Canada alone. All this waste goes to landfills and creates greenhouse gas emissions that harm our planet.

Eatonomy lets restaurants to earn on the food that would otherwise go to waste, users to enjoy tiny prices, and most importantly to save planet.


To update, modernize and complete the visual identity, change the feel while keeping the overall look.


We’ve redesigned the logo and added all the needed elements to complete the identity. The result is a holistic visual platform that differentiates the company on the market and attracts new users.

Eatonomy looks better than ever – fresh, modern, and dynamic.


We’ve created a complete user interface kit and styles for Eatonomy’s website, apps and graphic design.

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