+2542% Search Traffic for Diso Nutrimun

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The objective

To bring high-quality traffic from search engines (Yandex and Google).

The Challenge

Before we started working with Diso Nutrimun, they had invested a significant amount of resources in website development and SEO, which brought little to no results.

The website was built by an unprofessional agency and SEO done by another, equally unprofessional company.

A few years later, after not seeing the results, the management team was convinced that SEO doesn’t work in their niche and decided to discontinue search engine marketing.

These companies not only did a poor job but made it impossible for anyone to market the client on search engines.

We faced multiple challenges:

  • We had to convenience the management team that SEO is the easiest and least expensive approach to market to the target audience.
  • We had to not only optimize and market the website on search engines but to take a complex approach and rebuild everything from the ground up in a short time.
  • To market to patients, which is not only complicated but in many ways illegal.

The process

  • 01. Marketing audit

    We thoroughly studied and analyzed their product, marketing, websites, and the work of the previous agencies. We created a detailed report with all stats.

  • 02. New website

    We rebuilt the website from the ground up using the best modern technology that search engines love. The website is easy to use, manage, and scale. In case the Diso Nutrimun wants to work with other agencies or manage everything internally, anyone can use it.

  • 03. Transfer and optimization

    To not completely reinvent the wheel, we have transferred and optimized all contents from the old website.

  • 04. New content

    We have created content, videos, calculators, and much more to attract the right audience from search engines and convert them.

The result

Part one – 6 months

We have rebuilt and optimized Diso Nutrimun’s website, which has increased organic traffic from search engines (Yandex and Google) by 892% in the fisrt 6 months.

– Screen shot from Diso Nutrimun’s Google analytics account

– Screen shot from Diso Nutrimun’s Google analytics account

Part 2 – 6 months

With little to no work traffic grew by +2542% in the second 6 months and it keeps growing. Now there are as many daily visits as there were in a month before we got involved.

– Screen shot from Diso Nutrimun’s Google analytics account

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