How it all started

Hello there!

My name is Bulat, I am the founder of Gazizoff Digital. I have started this business accidentally. Here is the story:

In my high school and university/business school years, we were working on different businesses and startups with my friends. Regardless of our ideas, we always needed marketing.

Besides, spending countless nights developing the products/services, I was always in charge of branding, strategy, and communication. We were young and always had limited marketing budgets. So I had to learn how to get results for every dollar we spent.

From early childhood, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and business owners. People saw what I am capable of and started asking me to help them with their marketing. At first, there were small things like developing a website, creating visual identities, and sales presentations.

Then, the projects became more complicated. I had to think bigger and strategize. I began developing complex marketing strategies and implementing them.

The more people I helped, the more people contacted me. Without realizing, I was running a small consulting business. That’s when I knew – marketing is what I love and do best.

Since then we have completed over 500 projects for over 100 clients all over the world. We are growing. Slowly but steadily!

We only work with companies and people we like and enjoy partnering with. Because our goal is to help businesses have beautiful and effective marketing.

Bulat Gazizoff

I am a full-stack marketer with 7+ years of hands-on experience in digital and traditional marketing. I am extremely passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship and self-development.

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