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Digital Advertising

Build awareness and brand trust, generate leads, engage, and increase ROAS.

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    Brands no longer compete against each other.
    They compete against every piece of content.

    Advertising has changed inevitably. Brands can no longer pay to be heard. They can pay to be seen, but consumers learned to filter out the ads and have minimal attention spans.

    The right combination of strategy, creativity, distribution mediums, and end-to-end expertise can take a business from “another noise” to a known and recognizable brand.


    We dive into your brand’s vision, goals, target audience, and competition. We set clear goals and develop a comprehensive advertising strategy tailored to your exact needs.

    Creative Media

    We advertise brands with energy, inspire positive emotional responses, and create memories while forming a positive brand image.

    We choose ideas because they are the best ideas, not the easiest or the most profitable for us.

    Our in-house team unites specialists from all graphic and media disciplines; photography, video, graphic, and motion design.

    Advertising Mediums

    Our advertising solutions offer your brand the opportunity to reach current and potential customers at every stage of their journey; from awareness through purchase to retention.

    Social Media Advertising

    Our full-funnel social media advertising combines authentic messaging with eye-catching media and conveys your brand to the right audiences.

    Search Engine Marketing

    We get your business in front of high intent searchers with targeted keyword bidding and organic results on the world’s largest search platforms.


    We create and dynamically automate ads that follow your visitors on social media and display network websites.

    Viral and Content Marketing

    We create videos, content, and stories that get shared organically by hundreds and thousands of people across the internet.

    Influencer Advertising

    We develop creative campaigns and connect your brand with influencers that your target audiences trust and love.

    Not sure what’s right for you?

    We would be happy to help you choose the right advertising strategy for your business.

    End-to-end campaigns


    We have strategies to break through the ceilings and grow your campaigns vertically and/or horizontally.


    We begin to collect data and analyze each campaign’s effectiveness before it we even start.


    We use multi-level targeting and bidding techniques to reach your ideal customers and lower ad costs.


    Our clients get the first results within a few hours to a few days from the start of the campaign.

    Well set up

    We configure custom settings such as targeting, bidding strategies, schedules, and event tracking.


    We closely monitor each campaign to optimize and scale it. Effectiveness gets even better with time.


    Transparent monthly pricing for busineses and campaigns of any size.






    $10K to $25K



    $25K to $50K

    Business Pro


    $50K to $100K




    Note: if digital advertising is a part of a complex marketing project, the fee and/or the budget will be calculated individually.

    *Prices is shown in Canadian Dollars(CAD)
    *Prices shown are per ad medium (Ex. Facebook)

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