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Express Program

Get high-quality, scalable marketing tools without breaking the budget.

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    What is the express program?

    It’s an opportunity for small businesses and startups to get high-quality scalable marketing for less. Much less.
    Express Program is not a way for a large company to cunningly get our work for cheap. We created it to help small and beginner projects to get great marketing without breaking the budget.

    The struggle of small business

    Every day we see small businesses and startups fail because of their marketing. The saddest thing is that a lot of them have great products or services and a lot of potential.
    They fail simply because they can’t communicate right, don’t have “a good” budget, or don’t know how to market themselves.

    “How could we help?”

    We thought, “Would small businesses and beginers contact us for thier marketing?” and quickly realized, “most likely not”. They would want to, but our prices are too high for them.
    Due to lack of budget, small businesses and startups turn to DIY solutions or inexperienced freelancers. Effectively laying down a road to an ugly, useless marketing and high long term expenses.

    We decided to reduce this distance

    We created this program to help small businesses and startups lay down a smooth effective road to short and long term marketing success.

    Who is it for?

    Indie tech

    Bloggers and

    Cafes and

    Barbershops and
    beauty shops

    Small online


    Anyone who is small
    and wants to grow

    How does it work?

    How does it work?

    01. Application

    You fill in the application and tell us a little bit about yourself.

    02. Selection

    Once a week we choose a startup or a small business to participate in the program.

    03. Payment and legal

    If we choose your your business, you fill out the brief, sign an aggrement and pay the fee.

    04. Delivery

    You will receive your project on the upcoming Monday or after the following weekend.


    Digital Strategy


    Logo and basic identity


    Ad creatives


    Social media posts


    Product Photography




    Are there any conditions?

    If we like your business, we will create something stunning for you over the weekend for only $2K-$5K. This is much less than the actual price, so there are some conditions:

    • The project or a business has to be small (at first);
    • The work we create cannot be discussed or revised, you get your project as is;

    If it turns out that the application was made in the interests of a bigger company, then we will simply return the money and revoke the access, license, or the copyright.