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Our unique approach provides a focused framework for every stage of the process – from learning about a business, through concept and planning, to execution and optimization.

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01. Extensive research

We begin every project with an in-depth research. Through questionaires, assessments, and competitive intelligence, we collect valuable data about our clients, thier target audience, and competition.

02. Detailed analysis

We organize and filter out the data, identify the key information, learn about the target audience wants/needs/expectations/pains, and lay the ground for competitive differentiation.

03. Strategy and planning

Using all the analyzed infomation we develop a robust marketing strategy. It serves as solid framework for minimizing risks, creating opportunities to generate better financial results while enhancing all marketing efforts.

04. Accountable execution

At this stage, our goal is to turn ideas into reality. We follow through the plan and the strategy – we design, develop, code and do everything it takes to execucte the project right.

Project layering

  • 01. Semantic

    Semantics are the mesasges we need to convey. It’s what we want the audiences to remember after an interaction with your brand.

  • 02. Visual

    Visuals and design make the information easy to apprehend and navigate while evoking emotions and make your brand memorable.

  • 03. Technology

    Technologies create a solid support basis for the previous two layers. It makes sure everything works, looks, and feels as it supposed to.

  • 04. Conversion

    This layer is responsible for audience engagement and conversion. It engages and turns people from "almost ready" to "ready".

  • 05. Analytics

    Data analysis creates opportunities for objective improvement on all previous layers. Analytics let us test and optimize for better results.

05. Optimization and support

For the projects that require futher support we continue to help, optimize, support and consult our clients on how to make their marketing even better. Our clients receive regular reports with key metrics, statistics as well as tips and advice.

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