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Refer Gazizoff Digital and earn 7.5%

Get rewarded for helping good businesses grow with good marketing.

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Why people love to
reffer Gazizoff Digital

High quality services

We offer high-quality marketing services, you can proud to refer.


92% of clients continue doing business with us

High commission

High-ticket services means less referrals and higher commissions.

Life time commission

Earn 7.5% initial commission, then 2.5% for any recurring services.
    How it works

    Referring Gazizoff Digital
    is easy as 1-2-3

    • 01. Refer a client
    • 02. Earn the initial commisions (7.5%)
    • 03. Earn lifetime commission* (2.5%)

    *Earn lifetime recurring commissions on repeat purchases and monthly subscriptions.


    How much our
    partners earn

    Average per-project/monthly spent Initial Commission (7.5%) Recurring commission (2.5%)
    Small business $5,000 – $15,000 $375 – $1125 $125 – $375
    Medium business $15,000 – $35,000 $1,125 – $2,625 $375 – $875
    Enterprise business $35,000 – $75,000 $2,625 – $5,625 $875 – $1,875

    Common questions.
    Simple Answers

    What’s included in the commission?

    The commission only includes what the client pays us for our services. The commission does not include ad budgets and fees paid to third parties.

    What is your payout guarantee?

    We treat our affiliates with respect and value relationships with them; the happier they are, the more business they refer to us.

    How do you know the client comes from me?
    1. The easiest way is to make an introduction by email.
    2. Tell the client to mention your name or company.
    3. Contact us at [email protected] to notify a client is on their way. Our account managers always ask how the client found us. They make every effort to find who referred us to thank them.
    How soon will I get the payout?

    We make payouts within 30 days after the client pays us in full. In most cases, we make payouts within a few days.

    How do you make payouts?

    We could make payouts using PayPal, Interact E-transfer, Wise, Bank or Wire transfers. We will contact you before.

    Can I use the commission to pay for your services?

    Absolutely! You can use the commission to pay for our services.

    We also offer a 5% discount on all projects for our affiliates.

    Do you include tax in the payout?

    Yes, our Canadian business affiliates get the commission plus the HST. Just let us know your tax id (ex. RT0001 0000000).

    We don’t collect tax outside of Canada, so our US affiliates do not get commissions with tax.

    Do I need to register/signup to refer business to you?

    No, you don’t have to, but it’s recommended. Having your information lets us quickly identify who made a referral and make a payout.

    Become a partner and start earning today