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Full-service marketing agency purpose-built for today.



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Two simple missions

To lead the way towards a more transparent and sustainable business.

To enable people and organization grow and thrive.

Who we are and what we do

We are a family of curious people with a hunger for results,
a passion for business, technology and creativity.

We use our collective expertise to solve problems, cover gaps,
create opportunities and innovate on your behalf.


Our clients come from all over the world, in almost every industry and vertical. Every day, we collect ideas, tools, strategies and develop unthinkable solutions for everyday problems.

We bravely study and question the new, and do not forget about traditional marketing.


Daily, we monitor and analyze marketing, digital, e-commerce, and visual communication trends and innovations.

This allows us to adapt the best, most efficient technologies and tools into your business.

We choose ideas because they are the best ideas; not the easiest or the most profitable for us. We market brands with energy, inspire positive emotional responses, create memories and help to build a unique atmosphere around your business.

We are an independent marketing agency (not owned by a holding company).

Independence gives us full control of our company; creative freedom, flexibility, and enables us to innovate and put our values and those of our clients first.

The Minds Behind
Gazizoff Digital


Founder, Marketing Director

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Bulat Gazizoff

Founder, Marketing Director

Bulat is a full-stack marketer with 8+ years of hands-on experience in digital and traditional marketing. He specializesin planning, launching, and managing complex and simple marketing projects.

A combination of Bulat’s strategic and technical skills let us create effective communication between businesses and people.

He is extremely passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship, and biohacking.


Producer, Operations Director

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Inkar Gazizoff

Producer, Operations Director

Inkar is a content producer and a multi-disciplinary digital marketer. Her biggest strength lays in her creative vision and multi-media technical skills. She specializes in media production, content marketing and content distribution.

She is, also, a natural leader who has incredible organizational and communicational talents. This helps the team to always stay on track and achieve internal goals.

In her free time she enjoys art, teaching, blogging and fitness.


Creative Director

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Askar Biishev

Art Director

Askar is a multidisciplinary designer with a deep focus on brand identity design and visual communication. His biggest strengths lay in his technical skills and a creative vision.

Though, he’s younger than the rest of the team, Askar brings many years of experience and expertise to the table. He uses use a mix of strategy, art, and phycology to help organizations be memorable and communicate clearly on all mediums.

In his free time he enjoys learning, and discovering new music, and creating digital art.

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Our clients come from all over the world, nearly every industry and vertical. Being a bilingual agency, we work in English and Russian-speaking markets.

Why clients choose us?

Our holistic marketing approach lets us execute projects 3 to 5x faster without sacrificing quality or results.

Global Footprint

We help clients on a local and global scale. Being a bilingual agency, we work in English and Russian-speaking markets.