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About the company

Gazizoff Digital is a full service marketing agency designed for the technology and information era. We provide result-oriented research and data driven solutions for businesses of any of any size.

We create complex solutions, powerful identities, dynamic digital experinces, stunning visuals, engaging videos and connect people to brands and companies.

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We are Gazizoff Digital

Gazizoff Digital is a Toronto based family of curious people with a hunger to learn and a passion for marketing. We are open, cheerful and collaborative people who love what they do. As a team, we use our collective experience with strategy, creative and technical expertise to create meaningful and effective marketing solutions for all mediums.

Our mission

To excel the fastest, most efficient growth and higher returns for us and our clients

To create high quality, beautiful and efficient marketing solutions

To create effective communication between companies and their customers

To help people around us grow and live positively

Our Values

The best way to make the world a better place is to start with yourself. We believe that by doing things right and in the right way we influence people around us to do the same(the right thing). Then they influence others, and so on.


Our services and products are carefully crafted, from semantics through visuals to technology we do our best to provide beautiful, effective, result-oriented solutions.


We develop and create mutually beneficial long-term relationships with employees, vendors, clients and everyone who interacts with the us.


Gazizoff Digital is created for people by people. We set and follow high standards of moral and ethical responsibilities with everyone who interacts with the us.


We value transparent relationships with internal and external clients. We always put honesty first and avoid tricks and hidden agendas.


Aside from competency and hard work, our company is built on positivity and random acts of kindness. It creates an opportunity for better more open communication.


Our team is dedicated to finding creative ways to provide and generate more value regardless of the limit of time, investment or other resources.

Mottos we live by

Build honest and open relationships

Grow yourself and help others

Pursue growth and learning

Live with joy

The positive change starts with you

Practice random acts of kindness

Be adventurous and creative

Stay physically and emotionally fit

Do more with less

Be humble and open minded

About the founder

My name is Bulat Gazizoff, I am a full-stack marketer with 7+ years of hands-on experience in digital and traditional marketing. I am extremely passionate about marketing, project management, entreprenuership and self-development.

I specialize in planning, launching and managing complex and simple marketing projects. A combination of managerial and technical skills along with a creative vision lets me create effective communication between busineses/personal brands and their target audineces.

Bulat Gazizoff

Our clients and partners

Partners trust us with a variety of tasks - from creating logos and personal brands to complex marketing and advertising projects.

Xselle Marketing Studio Client Logo Valerie and Charlotte Made To Measure Design Studio
Xselle Marketing Studio Client Logo UofT University of Toronto
Xselle Marketing Studio Client Logo Ryerson University
Xselle Marketing Studio Client Logo Winart

Countries we work with

We have completed over 450 projects for over 80 clients in North American and CIS markets.









Corporate Social Responsibility

Striving for a better "future"

We dream about and strive for a better tomorrow. The youth is the generation who will innovate on what we’ve done. Students are, indeed, our “future”.

Over the years we have collected valuable experiences, skills, and mindsets. Now, we happily share them with our “future” - high school and university students. Our goal is to guide them and create experiential learning opportunities.

Our team members coach, mentor and organize workshops on different topics, including - leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, positive thinking and proactive life. We, also, work together and support them with their projects, business and innovation ideas.

So far we’ve been proudly working with and supporting organizations like Kazakh Student Association, Enactus Ryerson, Mongolian Student Association and their leaders.

Truth. Fairness. Accuracy.

We follow “The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards” and “Facebook’s Advertising Policies”. We believe that they set the most acceptable, true, fair and accurate criteria for marketing and advertising.

We, at Gazizoff Digital, promote professional and ethical practices of marketing and advertising. While serving our clients and partners we protect the consumer market.

With no exceptions, we decline any work from businesses and individuals who in any shape or form promotes fraud, illegal products and services, discrimination, unhealthy lifestyle, violence, immorality and/or obscenity, misleading or false content, prohibited financial products and services.