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Common questions.
Simple Answers.
Do we need to have a face-to-face meeting?

We would love to meet you in person. However, if it’s not possible (due to distance, availability, or restrictions), we have robust processes in place to complete any project via the internet.

We communicate using messengers, video chats, phone calls, and emails; documents and files are shared via Google Drive, Notion, and emails; prototypes are hosted online via our secure testing servers and Figma.

Do you work with small companies/startups?

Yes. Quite a few of our clients are SMBs.

What kind of clients do you prefer?

We work with startups, publicly traded companies, and everything in between. Our favorite clients are the ones who have great products and businesses, who take risks, and are open to new ideas.

Do you only work with healthcare businesses?

Yes. We only work with healthcare, medical, health & wellness companies, including medical practice, healthcare B2B and consumer products. This is what we know and do best.

What countries do you work with?

We’re located in Toronto, Canada; most of our clients are from Canada and USA. With that said, we work with brands from all over the world, including Europe, CIS countries, and Asia.

How soon can you start?

If we have availability, we can get started as soon as a few days. With that said, if you are in a rush, we strongly encourage getting in touch with us ASAP.

How long does it take?

Most projects take from a few days to 4 weeks. With that said, time frames are determined by the scope of work and how fast you respond and approve deliverables.

If you have a deadline, we will make every effort to meet it. We can also roll deliverables or features as they are ready.

How do you combine good price, quality, and speed?

We’re a lean, mean marketing machine – we keep overheads to a minimum, use the best technology and AI, agile project management, and speed optimize every process. The savings are passed on to you.

Why do people choose Gazizoff Digital? 

There are many things we help clients with, but so do other agencies. Clients choose us because we are 100% focused on healthcare, we deliver stellar work fast, saving lots of time, tens, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Monthly subscriptions start from $5K-$50K+.

If you have a real challenge $50K-$200K is a good starting point. Though, we also work with a lot more.

Our simple services (ex. email automation) range from as low as a few thousand dollars.

If you’re a startup with an idea, we have to get behind, we can get creative with equity. Send us an email – [email protected] .

What payment options do you accept?
  1. Wire Transfers
  2. Direct Bank Transfers
  3. Certified Cheques
  4. Credit cards for recurring payments
  5. Cash (in rare instances)

Still have questions?

Contact our friendly support.