Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a better future for everyone, together.

Step-by-step, one action at a time, we strive to make the world a better place. Through multiple programs, we support small businesses, students, and our community.

Express program

We noticed that due to lack of marketing budget, begginer brands turn to DIY solutions and inexperienced freelancers; effectively hurting thier busienss, increasing long term expenses and eventually giving up.

So we decided to help and create Express Program to offer our expertise at an affordable price.


We have a strong belief that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence.

This is why we continue to invest a significant amount of effort and resources to ensure that our websites, services and the jobs are available for everyone.

Truth. Fairness. Accuracy.

We follow “The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards” and “Facebook’s Advertising Policies”. We believe that they set the most acceptable, fair and accurate criteria.

We only promote professional and ethical practices of marketing and advertising. Though we care about the success of our clients, we put our community first.

Thus, with no exceptions, we refuse any work from organizations that in any shape or form promote fraud, illegal products/ services, unhealthy lifestyle, immorality and obscenity, misleading or false information, and anything politics related.

Striving for a better “future”

Over the years we have collected valuable experiences, skills, knowledge. Now, we happily share them with our “future” – high school and university students.

We offer experiential learning opportunities, interships, events and mentorships in marketing, innvation and entrepreneurship.