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Our Story

A marketing agency
purpose-built for today.

I had no intention of starting a marketing agency.

My journey began in 2013 when I, Bulat, was building an online education platform.

Like many entrepreneurs, I faced one of the biggest challenges in business – Marketing. My first impulse was to look for a marketing partner. 

All I wanted is good marketing, fast and with minimal friction.

Agencies were slow and overpriced, freelancers were unreliable or had a narrow focus, consultants talked a good game but never delivered, and hiring in-house was expensive and time-consuming.

So, with my digital media background, I decided to take matters into my own hands and dove deep into marketing.

I quickly discovered that the perfect balance between performance-driven strategy, technology, and creative work was the key to growth.

As word spread about my marketing prowess, more and more organizations reached out for help.

Soon, I found myself running a small but successful marketing agency. However, it was challenging to grow the business alone.

That’s when Inkar entered the scene. Passionate about marketing, business development, and leadership, she saw the potential in my work and eagerly joined forces.

Together, we built a modern-day agency to help businesses grow through good marketing.

Inkar contributed her leadership and business development skills, streamlining operations and bringing in new business.

With her help, the agency grew at an unprecedented pace.

We quickly became known for our quality of work, agility, and frictionless approach.

– Bulat Founder