Our Story

A marketing agency
purpose-built for today.

I had no intention of starting a marketing agency. I was an aspiring entrepreneur building an online education platform. In my search for the “right” marketing partner, I’ve gone through all solutions – agencies were slow and overpriced, freelancers – unreliable or narrow thinking, consultants – spoke beautifully but never got their hands dirty.

I couldn’t find the partner I needed, so I had to become one. I dove deep into marketing with the idea that it has to be an efficient balance between performance-driven strategy, the “right” technology, and stunning creative work.

My entrepreneurial friends and family saw the results. They loved what I did for my company and started asking for help. The more people I helped, the more people reached out. Without realizing it, I was running a small marketing agency.

It became clear – I wasn’t the only one; businesses, small and large, face the same problem: it’s next to impossible to find the right marketing partner, a partner that understands you and pursues your goals like it’s theirs.

I wanted to help, so I decided to build a modern-day agency from the ground up. An agency where strategy, creativity, and technology create holistic performance-driven marketing. An agency without the fluff where companies get what they need in days or weeks, not months.

Bulat Gazizoff Founder