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Gazizoff Digital Expands to Kazakhstan: A New Chapter in Global Connectivity

Apr 19 2024

Gazizoff Digital, a pioneering digital marketing and IT solutions firm, proudly announces the opening of its new office in Kazakhstan.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the company’s history, emphasizing its commitment to bridging technological and business expertise across continents.

A Journey of Growth and Success

Founded by Bulat and his partner and wife, Inkar, Gazizoff Digital has been a driving force in the North American market for over a decade.

With roots in Russia and Kazakhstan, the founders have leveraged their international upbringing and education in Canada to provide top-notch marketing and IT solutions.

Having successfully completed over 1,000 projects and campaigns, Gazizoff Digital boasts a client satisfaction rate of 96%.

This achievement is a testament to their unique approach to each project, a deep understanding of client needs, and innovative solutions that have consistently delivered results.

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Why Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan presents a realm of untapped potential in the global market, which Gazizoff Digital is eager to explore.

“Opening an office in the CIS, particularly in Kazakhstan, is a step towards enormous opportunities. We see tremendous potential for growth and development here and want to contribute to Kazakhstan,” says Bulat.

What We Offer

In Kazakhstan, Gazizoff Digital will extend its comprehensive suite of marketing services, from strategic consulting to complex marketing and IT solutions.

“We bring not only our services but also global quality standards to Kazakhstan,” Inkar emphasizes.

The firm’s offerings include:

  • Strategic Marketing Consulting: Helping businesses align their marketing strategies with their business goals.
  • Branding and Web Design: Creating cohesive and appealing brand identities and websites.
  • Digital Advertising: Implementing effective online advertising campaigns to maximize ROI.

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Our Advantage

With Gazizoff Digital, clients get more than just a service provider; they gain a partner ready to deeply integrate into their business and sales processes to address challenges and create new opportunities.

“Our team operates on average seven times faster than the average agency without sacrificing quality. This is our standard,” asserts Inkar.


The establishment of a branch in Kazakhstan is more than just business expansion for Gazizoff Digital; it’s about contributing to the country’s development and supporting the local business ecosystem.

“We believe that together, we can achieve incredible results, creating new success stories in Kazakhstan and beyond,” concludes Inkar.

For more insights and updates, follow our journey as we expand into new territories and continue to make a significant impact on the global stage.

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