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We offer an all-inclusive done-for-you website development. We take care of everything; from strategy, through design, to support and management. You get a complete website for your exact needs.
  • Express


    A done-for-you website for small and local businesses/projects.

    • Managed Hosting
    • 0 Rounds of Revisions
    • 3-5 pages
    • 3-5 Days
    • 500 – 700 words

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  • Starter
    Most popular


    For brands who are serious about their online presence but are just starting out.

    • Managed Hosting
    • 2 Rounds of revisions
    • 5-10 pages
    • 7-10 Days
    • 1,5K – 2K words
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  • Business
    Best value


    For brands who are serious about their online presence and online activities.

    • Managed Hosting
    • 2 Rounds of revisions
    • 20-35 pages
    • 14-21 Days
    • 4K – 6K words

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  • Enterprise


    For brands with a complex online strategy, who need extra power.

    • Premium Managed Hosting
    • 2 Rounds of revisions
    • 45-55 pages
    • 28-42 Days
    • 10K – 15K words

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Looking for something more complex?

We are always happy to help and build a custom package for your exact needs. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will make it happen.

*Prices are in CAD and exclude tax.

Many more features, all the details

No tiered features – all packages include everything a modern website needs.


Marketing Health audit

We’ll dive deep into your business through an interview and overview of your marketing.

Strategy consultation

We’ll have a 1-2 hour strategy session to understand your vision or goals.

Competitve Research

We’ll research your competition and their strategies to make sure you are ahead.

Design & Content

Information Architecture & Site Layout

We will create a structure and navigation for the information on your website, so it’s easier to find what people are looking for.


We will write or rewrite all or some of you website copy to better explain your business.

Media Sourcing & Design

We will source and edit your photos, images, icons and graphics for your website.

Ui Kit Design

We will design a user interface kit – a set of design elements to create beautiful, consistent, and functional web interfaces.

Ui Kit Framework

Your website will have a lightweight modular front-end framework that enables developing web interfaces of any complexity fast.


Google Maps

An integration with Google Maps – a dynamic map with your business’s location(s).

Google Analytics

An integration with Google Analytics – a software that collects and monitors your website’s analytics. For example, where visitors are coming from, how many people visit your website, etc.

Email Newsletter

An integration with services such as Klaviyo, Active Campaign, etc., and place the subscription forms in the right places.

Social Media Sharing

Buttons that let people share a page/content to their social media/email/messenger with a single click.

Social Media Buttons

Links to your social media profiles.


Content Management System

A user-friendly admin area that lets you manage it with ease.

Website Builder

An intuitive page builder that lets you grow your website by creating stunning pages and posts without writing a single line of code.


Forms that send emails and collect them as a list. Ex., Contact form, RFP form, support form, etc.

Form redirect page

A page to where users are redirected after successful form submission.

Blog Functionality

Ability to manage and post articles, comments and users.

Secondary Pages

Privacy policy

A page with the policy on users’ privacy, data collection, etc.

Terms and conditions

A page with the website’s terms and conditions.

404 error page

A page where visitors are sent to when they follow a broken link or a page that doesn’t exists.

Speed Optimization

Image optimization

Optimize of high-quality images to the ideal format, size, and resolution for your website.

HTML, CSS & JS optimization

Optimization of HTML, CSS & JS to increase load time and performance.

Hosting Optimization

Optimization of hosting, CMS for better load time and performance.

The content delivery network (CDN)

A service that distributes static files on servers all over the world; the content will be downloaded from the closets server to the user.


A software that saves pages so that future requests for that data can be served faster.

Speed testing

We will speed test your site, optimize it for optimal performance, and ensure it loads and performs fast.


Security Optimization

Security features protect your website hacks, spam, etc. on server and CMS levels.

SSL Certificate

A technology that encrypts information between a user and the server so no one else can read it.


Your server and the databases will be backed up and kept for 14-30 days.

WAF (Firewall)

Software that protects your site sites from a variety of application layer attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and cookie poisoning.

Staging Tool/ Environment

A duplicate of your website that lets you make changes before publishing them to the main website.


Schema Markup

Microdata that creates an enhanced description (rich snippet), which appears in search results.


A page with links to all of your website’s pages, posts, etc.

XML Sitemap

A page with a list of all website links developed specifically for search engines to crawl the website and index the pages in the search results.


Metadata provides information about your website and the pages, and their content to search engines.

Page Images

An image that represents a page and automatically displays on social media when shared.

Search Console

An integration with Google Search Console.

Site Optimization

Optimization of your site’s structure, navigation, etc. to make the site more “crawlable” for search engines.


Free support + Consultations

Regardless of your support plan, you can always reach out for help or for advice. We will do our best to help you or guide you in the right direction.

Post Development Support

If there are errors, mistakes made during the production or anything, else we missed, we will fix it for free.


We will teach one of your team members how to manage and grow your website.


Additional pages


Hourly Rate

An hourly rate is used for smaller extra tasks, like revisions, copywriting, design, and programming.

Consulting Hourly Rate

Hourly rate of our marketing expert. It can be used towards comprehensive strategy sessions, brainstorms or tasks that require strategic expertise.

Sales pages / Landing page

A stand-alone page focused on conversions. It’s a 24/7 sales manager that achieves high conversion rates on the web.


A cart functionality lets you sell anything on the internet, manage orders, run promotions, and more. Your customers can purchase products or services anywhere, anytime, with everything at their fingertips.

Portals and blogs

A comprehensive blog/portal functionality that lets you manage articles, create subscription-based content (paid or free), and manage communities.

Learning management system (LMS)

A learning management system allows people to learn online. You can use it for corporate training, remote learning, and online selling courses.

Affiliate Program

Build, manage and track your own affiliate program from the comfort of your website.


$1,000 + Sites
A multisite enables you to create, run, and manage multiple websites using the same dashboard.

Third party Integrations

From $500/integration

Looking for something else?

We build website solutions of any complexity and functionality. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will make it happen.

Monthly Services

Monthly SEO

From $1500/m

Extended support / Website Management

From $1000/m
To make sure your site is always up-to-date, you can outsource site management to us. We updatе and post materials, add new pages, optimize and grow your site or monthly basis.

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Let’s talk about
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By submitting this form, you agree to receive promotional messages from Gazizoff Digital about its products and services. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of our emails.

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