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What is Abandoned cart?

Definition and meaning of Abandoned cart:

An abandoned cart is when a customer adds products to the shopping cart but doesn’t complete the checkout. Abandoned carts can be a significant problem for ecommerce businesses. They lead to lost sales and damaged customer relationships.

Common reasons for cart abandonment:

  • Customers are not ready to buy (they need nurturing)
  • High shipping costs
  • Customer Friction
  • Long shipping times
  • Unexpected fees
  • Distractions at cart and checkout pages
  • Slow load times
  • Too many unnecessary checkout fields or too many steps

Strategies to reduce abandoned carts:

  • Offering free shipping
  • Integrating wishlist functionality
  • Integrating cart recovery emails and retargeting ads
  • Providing detailed product descriptions
  • Removing any friction from landing pages and the checkout process

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