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Inkar joins Gazizoff Digital

We are so excited to announce that Inkar has joined Gazizoff Family!

Inkar is a former Kazakh Student Association (KSA) president in Toronto. KSA is an international community and Kazakh diaspora that expands from Los Angeles through New York and Toronto to London, Berlin, and Nur-Sultan. Students, alumni, and leaders help each other find opportunities and build networks.

We worked closely with Inkar and her team for about a year. We offered them experiential learning opportunities, internships, and mentorships.

Seeing Inkar’s natural leadership and incredible organizational and communicational talents at work, we had to give her a job offer.

We are proud to have Inkar as a part of our team and excited to see all the value and achievements she will bring to Gazizoff Digital. Welcome, Inkar, to Gazizoff Family!



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