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What is Algorithm?

Definition and meaning of Algorithm:

Generally, an algorithm is a code that decides which content to show users. For example on social media, search engines, and other apps. They use AI and machine learning to provide the most relevant content and create personalized experiences.

Types of algorithm

Social media algorithms decide which posts to show users in which order.

Search engine algorithms decide which search result to show to each query and in which order.

Ad platform algorithms decide on which ads to show certain users at certain times.

How do algorithms work?

Algorithms change with people’s interests, habits, and behaviors. Though some people claim they know how to “trick” algorithms, no one knows how they work. So these tactics get outdated very fast.

Algorithms are complicated, and we can only do so much. Ultimately, the technology will decide based on many different factors like:

  • engagement (likes, shares, comments, social signals)
  • relevancy of the content to the viewers
  • how recent is the content is
  • consistency or how often a user posts on a certain topic
  • location of the user and person posting
  • interests of the viewer

The best way to become friends with algorithms is to create high-quality, relevant content people love and engage with. As vague as it may sound, that’s the only way to win on social media and search engines consistently.


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