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What is Broetry?

Definition and meaning of Broetry:

Broetry is a writing style that focuses on telling a story in short, simple sentences with lots of line breaks. Broems are mostly used on LinkedIn as they tend to drive views and engagement.

Broetry can be funny, serious, clever, and even moving, but it’s almost always relatable.

Though it doesn’t have to, broetry can have rhyme and repetition to create a catchy, relatable effect.

A perfect broem formula:

  1. Start with a clickbaity one-sentence hook/opener
  2. Write in short sentences, in simple language with frequent line breaks
  3. Tell your story, reflect on the decisions you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned
  4. Sprinkle a little bit of drama
  5. Add some jargon
  6. Finish with a clichéd life lesson, an inspirational thought/quote
  7. Ask people to like, comment, and share if they agree with you

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