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What is Full Funnel Marketing?

Definition and meaning of Full Funnel Marketing:

ful fuh·nuhl maa·kuh·tuhng

Full funnel marketing is a strategy that focuses on the entire customer journey, from awareness through consideration to purchase and beyond.

What is the goal of full-funnel marketing?

Full-funnel marketing aims to nurture people through each stage of your funnel. It lets you showcase your business and build relationships while leading them to buy.

Marketing Funnel stages:

  1. Awareness (Top Funnel)
  2. Consideration (Mid Funnel)
  3. Conversion (Bottom Funnel)

An example of a full-funnel marketing strategy:

  1. Awareness – You run ads offering people to sign up for your newsletter
  2. Consideration – You send email series with content that resonates while featuring your business
  3. Conversion – You run retargeting ads and send promotional emails with the goal to sell

An example of a full-funnel advertising strategy:

  1. Awareness ads – You talk about your product and its features
  2. Consideration Ads – You create trust by sharing user-generated content, articles, and guides
  3. Conversion ads – You run sales, promotions, or free trials

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