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What is Public Relations?

Definition and meaning of Public Relations:

Public Relations (PR) is a form of marketing communication that helps companies and organizations reach out to the public.

PR consists of strategic processes that include:

  • Market research
  • Message development
  • Media relations
  • Monitoring the public’s perception of an organization

It’s often easy to think of public relations as something for businesses only. Still, it’s useful for any public figure or organization, from charities and non-profit organizations to public officials and artists.

PR helps you control how your public perceives you by developing an excellent public image and reinforcing it.

A good public relations strategy can help ensure that people see a positive image, improving public support, trust, and loyalty.

The public relations experts deal with:

  • internal communication;
  • desktop publishing;
  • social media management;
  • press releases;
  • event planning; and
  • crisis communications.

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