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What is Sender Score?

Definition and meaning of Sender Score:

Sender Score is a reputation metric that is used to measure the trustworthiness of an email sender.

It’s assigned to a sender’s domain and IP address. And it’s used by email providers to determine whether or not to accept incoming emails.

Sender Scores are based on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being the worst and 100 being the best. This is important because it helps determine which emails get delivered to the inbox.

If your score is high, your emails have a better chance of being delivered to the inbox.

If your sender score is low, your emails may be flagged as spam or blocked entirely.

The score is based on several factors, such as:

  • the amount of spam sent
  • the validity of the mail server
  • any complaints of spam or other malicious content
  • number of unknown users that you send emails to
  • how frequently do people unsubscribe

So if you want to ensure your emails reach the recipients, you should pay attention to your Sender Score.

The best way to do this is to ensure you follow email best practices and use a reputable email provider.


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