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What is Webinar?

Definition and meaning of Webinar:

The word webinar combines the words “web” and “seminar.” It’s an online seminar, presentation, broadcast, or even a sales pitch.

It lets you reach a global audience for a fraction of the price of a traditional seminar.

Webinars are excellent for sharing information, building trust, and selling products and can be used for:

  • Education (ex., training sessions, Q&A sessions)
  • Marketing (ex., brand awareness, product awareness, and demonstrations)
  • Sales (ex., sales pitches)

Webinars can be done via Zoom or dedicated webinar services. During a webinar, participants can interact with the presenter and each other via chat or video conferencing.

Webinars are often prerecorded and then automated using special online services. So you can do a webinar once and then show it to people as if it’s in real-time.


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