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What is Word of mouth (WOM)?

Definition and meaning of Word of mouth (WOM):

Word of mouth or WOM marketing is when people tell their friends, family, and others about a business.
WOM is one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing. It’s so effective because it comes from another person we know and trust rather than a company or an ad.
Word of mouth creates social proof, removes friction, and creates confidence in the purchase. It can create a snowball effect that leads to more customers and sales.
Though WOM mainly refers to real-life communication, it also works well online. For example, people can write posts, share reviews, and create UGC content on social media.
Of course, word of mouth can also work in the opposite was. If someone has a negative experience, they’ll share that as well.
Businesses can influence WOM by:

  • creating delightful experiences
  • solving a real customer challenge/pain
  • offering unusual products
  • offering incentives (discounts, bonuses)
  • asking customers for referrals

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