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What is WordPress Plugin?

Definition and meaning of WordPress Plugin:

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software code that is installed on a website.

This can be anything from a simple function to an entire site-building tool. It’s one of the best ways to extend the functionality of your website.

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress – some are free, and some cost money. And it’s essential to choose carefully and to do some research before you install one. Some plugins may not work with your WordPress version or your hosting provider, and they could even cause problems if they’re poorly coded.

How to install plugins?

You can install plugins directly from the WordPress admin panel without going through the entire installation process. As long as you have administrator access to your site, you can install plugins from the admin panel by clicking “Add New” and then “Upload” on the top toolbar.

Once you’ve installed a plugin, check its settings to ensure it works as expected. And if you run into any problems, contact the plugin author for help resolving them.


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