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What is YooTheme?

Definition and meaning of YooTheme:

YooTheme is a premium WordPress and Joomla theme provider. But, it’s more than a theme; it’s a complete frontend ecosystem with a page builder, layout and style customizer, blog, and WooCommerce builder.

YooTheme offers hundreds of themes & styles, builder elements (for pages, blogs, and ecommerce), page layouts, and lots of templates. All for a small yearly subscription.

Built on the UiKit Framework, YooTheme lets you create any design with or without code. Plus, UiKit let’s you customize other plugins to fit your styling.

Founded in 2007, YooTheme has built a strong reputation for quality design, reliable code, support, and a large community.

With Yootheme, you get everything you need to build a great, scalable website.


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