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Rebranding – Apiclinic

Who is Apiclinic

ApiClinic is a medical clinic in Ufa, Russia. They use a unique mix of psychology, traditional & allopathic medicine to cure and prevent a wide range of conditions. It’s run by Aidar Gazizov, an oncologist, anesthesiologist, and an OG biohacker who is also the father of Bulat, founder of Gazizoff Digital.


Medical & Healthcare


Ufa, Russia


What we did

Project goal

To modernize the logo and complete it with a visual identity while maintaining recognition.


We’ve improved the logo to a fresh, professional, yet modern design that corresponds with a visual identity.

Now Apiclinic creates trust & value around the brand and improves the market presence. The result is a holistic visual identity that strongly differentiates the company on the market and attracts new clientele.


  • Brand Identity Restyling
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Key site features

Key e-commerce features

Customer feedback


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